This is Cat – Magic Mug

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What about to start a day with a funny picture printed mug? What about if the mug is colorful? Nothing special! But what if the color of the mug changes when you are surprisingly watching it? Yes, that’s what we expect to present you all of our color change mugs, ceramic or glass made with various sizes available.

Considering how most people wake up cranky in the early hours, this Amazing Mug will help start off the day in a quirky and playful way.

  • Know when it’s time to dump out the lukewarm drink and pour a new one.
  • Enjoy your morning cup of coffee in a Heat Reactive Color Changing Mug
  • The perfect gift for those who struggle in the morning.
  • We Dispatch in Same Day and You will Get Delivery in 2-4 Days

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This is Cat Funny Design Magic Mug

This is Cat Funny Design Magic Mug is a colourful coffee mug with a hidden text message along with space to hold a picture. A magic mug is a coffee mug that changes colour when you pour a hot liquid into it. Essentially, when the mug is filled with a cold liquid drink, the design on the outside is not completely visible. As a hot drink – like water, tea or coffee – is added to it, it lightens on the outside to reveal the entire design. It is a gift suited for those who wish to add the element of surprise to the present they pick up for their loved ones.

Height 95 MM
Width 80 MM
Volume 12 OZ
Printing Type Digital Heat Transfer
Color Mug is translucent white but images emerge on the surface, when filled with hot liquid.

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